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Breaking Bad design inspiration

April 11, 2014, by dannymonster, category Blog, graphic design, illustration, poster design

Breaking Bad

When Breaking bad ended, it left a little void on TV that has yet to be filled with anything remotely as entertaining. While it may have left a void on TV, it certainly hasn’t within the design community. It has captured the imaginations and refuses to let them go.

That’s a good thing. More lovely images for us to look at. So let’s do that. You didn’t come here to read my brain farts.

Most of these images can be found in my Behance Collection “Epic Things”.


Matteo Brucato

Breaking Beer : Heisenbeer edition




Big and Small Screen



Mink Couteaux

Random Illustration Collection 5



Carlos Lerma

I Am Awake



Carina Wagner

Breaking Bad – Crystal Mess



Gabriel Marchi

Breaking Bad Poster



Islam Zayed

I am the one who knocks


I was going to try and work in some clever puns and catchphrases, like “I am the one who Blogs” etc. I won’t though. I’ll spare you. As always, be sure to check out the artists respective profiles- they’re unnaturally talented. Thanks!


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